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Installation of Sanitary Standards

by:Mayer     2020-08-20
First, construction preparation 1. Sanitary ware water tank should be saving. 2. Sanitary ware parts specifications should be the standard, quality, reliability, appearance smooth, uniform plating, clear thread, lock master moderately elastic, no blisters, cracks and other defects. 3. Sanitary ware specifications, models must meet the design requirements. And a factory product certification. Sanitary appearance should be rules, modeling Zhou Zheng, smooth and beautiful, no cracks, edges smooth, consistent tone. 4. Other materials, galvanized pipe fittings, leather money valve, character valves, faucets, water bend threaded back, drain, galvanized dovetail bolts, nuts, rubber sheet, copper wire, putty, lead sheet, screw , solder, cooked hydrochloric acid, lead and oil, flax, asbestos rope, white cement, mortar ointment should meet the material standards. Second, product protection 1. Wares in the handling and installation to prevent knock. Stable outfall sanitary applications installed protective equipment after a good blocking, good chrome parts wrapped in paper to avoid blockage or damage. 2. In glazed tiles, terrazzo wall holes tick when it is appropriate to start with a small electric drill or chisel out glazed light tick, tick to wait until the end brick prescription ash layer can be hard, but not excessive, so as not to tick the broken surface or earthquake as hollowing phenomenon. 3. Sanitary stable equipment, in order to prevent loss or damage parts such as zipper, blocking chain material, accessories shall be installed before the completion of unification. 4. Installation of sanitary ware should be protected against damage and the sanitary ware porcelain surface damage. 5. Through the water to drain should be checked before the test is smooth, splitting the valve is properly closed, and then divided by layers of water testing through the room one by one in order to avoid water leakage damage to decoration. 6. In the winter, warm interior barrier, the variety of wares must put the water net. There should be no water trap to prevent the cracking will be sanitary and trap. Third, the quality of attention 1. Sanitary overflow failure. Reasons, Xia Shuikou no overflow eyes. 2. Urinal from the wall of vertical cracks too. Reasons, the rejection port size is not accurate. 3. Toilet around off the ground. Reason, I set aside under the water too high, stability did not repair before installation. 4. Parts chrome surface is damaged. Reasons, the use of pipe clamp installation. Should be made flat spanner or wrench. 5. Toilet tank center and back is not right, elbow contorted. Reasons, not crossed, the toilet installation errors or first stable steady back box, after the steady toilet. 6. Squatting pan injustice, right and left tilt. Reasons, stable equipment, the front and sides cushion brick is not strong, cinder fill, no checks, after the bad plaster repair, resulting in high water tank and the toilet does not. 7. High and low water tank pull, pull the non-flexible. Reasons, the high and low parts installed inside the water tank, the three main components in the tank position is unreasonable. High tank water, pull the tank should be placed on the same side. Used to avoid interference. 8. Through the water until the dirt within the apparatus to clean up, not be allowed to pass into the dirt under the water pipes within Pianqiang avoid pipe blockage. Do not use unfiltered white lime mortar powder instead of paste installation of sanitary equipment, sanitary equipment Splitting avoid.
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