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How many people in Mayer R&D department?
At Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd, our Research and Development department has expanded our range of possibilities by developing innovative solutions and products. It consists of a young and motivated team whose members enjoy many years of scientific and practical experience – in particular in the areas of press tool accessories related technology. This expertise also stems from several contacts in science and industry. Whether it is to create an original concept or something that’s fully customized, the staff in our R&D department work tirelessly to develop the products we offer and to make customers' projects reality.

Mayer has been doing its best to develop the technological advantages for the better production of stainless pipe. The stainless steel end cap series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Mayer stainless steel end cap is well designed. It is completed by using CAD design software and metal products industry-standard software to ensure the exact specifications. Easy Use to Maximize Performance. The product stands out for its good heat dissipation. Built-in latest cooling system with adequate airflow, it can work or stand by for a long time. Easy Use to Maximize Performance.

Our goal is to be a global leader in this industry and to deliver high-quality and cost-competitive products to customers worldwide.
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