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How many employees in Mayer?
With our workforce growing virtually by the day, Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd presently has a large number of employees. We have set up several departments including sourcing department, design department, R&D department, and customer service center covering the whole supply chain of our company. For example, rich in knowledge in the interior structure and external design of male elbow fitting , our designers are creative and always keep close to the latest trends of the industry. Their combined efforts attribute to the appealing appearance of the products.

Mayer is a vanguard brand in cross tee fitting industry of China. The stainless steel end cap series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Mayer pipe cutter is constantly inspected. It is checked for issues in stitching, including conducting seam strength tests and checks for fraying, skipped stitches, open stitches, crooked stitches, and puckered seams. Expert of 100% Hygienic Pipelines. I was totally fascinated by its unique and eye-catching design and pattern. I bought it without any hesitation as a gift for my friends. For Health. Mayer Pipelines.

We bear social responsibility in our daily operation. We will keep continually review our manufacturing approach in light of the evolving sustainability landscape.
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