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Golf Shoe Laces - More Important Than You Think

by:Mayer     2020-09-08
As a golfer, you know there are a thousand little things that can throw your game off. And if you're a competitive type of person, you know that you do everything you can to eliminate them. From changing clubs until you get a set that works, changing balls to get a competitive edge, changing your clothes so you get the comfort and flexibility you want and even changing your shoes to get comfort and grip. You eliminate every variable possible so your swing, and therefore your game, is as good as it can be. So why not eliminate one more variable. Your golf shoe laces. If you stop and think about it, how many times around the links do you stop and retie your shoes? And why? You stop and retie them because after swinging the clubs and walking the fairways, standard laces will stretch. This means your shoe doesn't fit as well as it did after just being tied. Other factors that affect how your shoes fit are walking through grass after rain or sprinklers and having to tromp around in sand traps. The water and sand can also affect how well your shoe is fitting your foot. This means when it comes time to tee off again, or make that shot to the green, your shoe isn't giving you as good a grip on the turf as you need. So, you stop and retie your shoes yet again so your swing is as consistent as possible. Regardless of how often you retie your golf shoe laces, it's inevitable you'll have to do it again several times, especially if you're playing a full 18 holes. However, there's a solution that will resolve this problem once and for all. By going to a golf shoe lacing system that uses a single lace of stranded aircraft grade stainless steel on a winding mechanism, once the lace is tightened properly, it locks in place. Since it's stainless steel and locked in place, that means the shoe stays exactly where it started, just as comfortable and solid when you come off the links as they were when you got to the first tee. The stainless steel lace won't stretch and isn't affected by water, sand or anything else. Once you put the golf shoes on, they stay exactly as you need. If you want to eliminate one more variable to improve your golf game, get some golf shoes with this lacing system. Not only will you appreciate the improvement in your game, but you'll appreciate not having to stop and retie your shoes. Comfort and efficiency on multiple levels is worth a lot and cutting strokes off your score is worth even more.
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