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General Idea About Isolation

by:Mayer     2020-09-05
Every companies have use isolation transformers to isolate sensitive circuits such as digital devices from power circuits. The power circuits are entirely disconnected or isolated from the sensitive circuits. The isolation transformer couples power to the sensitive circuits with lowest noise or electromagnetic interference (EMI). You size your isolation transformer based on the specifications related with the power supply or equipment feeding power to the isolation. How to install isolation? Isolation transformer transforms power from one circuit to another circuit. For two circuits that is entirely independent or isolated from each then, the isolation transformer serves in a power coupling function. Isolation transformers have multiple applications and benefits, including protection against electric shock and blocking noise or electromagnetic interference (EMI) generally produced by power circuits. Installation procedures for isolation transformers vary usually according to the specific application or location of the transformer. The below procedure illustrates how to install an AC isolation transformer in an underground cabinet. Turn off all power sources to reduce the possibility of shock hazard. Put on electrical or rubber gloves as an extra safety precaution. Connect the black wire from power plate terminal labeled L to transformer terminal. Connect the white wire from power plate terminal labeled N to transformer terminal #4. Connect the black wire from power strip to transformer terminal #5. Connect the white wire from power strip to the transformer terminal #6. Connect the green wire from the power strip to power plate ground Lug. Since direct current electrical energy requires a continuous electrical path, and since transformers conduct electrical energy by means of transient electromagnetic fields, direct current is incapable to pass through a transformer. Isolation transformers are used to chunk direct current electrical energy, thus 'isolating' electrical devices from exposure to DC electricity. The primary and secondary windings of an isolation transformer contain the equal number of wire turns around the transformer core; therefore, the AC voltage at both ends of a transformer is the same. To test an isolation transformer, you must confirm both that the transformer does not conduct DC electrical energy from the primary to the secondary, and that the primary and secondary voltages are equal. An isolation transformer's main purpose is to decrease shock hazards with electrical and electronic equipment. Unlike other kinds of transformers, it outputs the same alternating current, or AC, line voltage as that into which it's plugged. It removes the straight connection between equipment and earth ground. If equipment wiring fault or injure puts a voltage on the equipment case, the voltage will not pass through your body to ground. Some isolation transformers also reduce electrical noise, making them suitable for use with sensitive devices.
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