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Excellent Prospects For Stainless Steel Pipe

by:Mayer     2020-09-16
Stainless steel pipe is a hollow circular strip of steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instruments and other industrial pipelines, as well as mechanical components. In addition, bending, torsional strength of the same, lighter, so it is widely used in manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. Is also used in producing all kinds of conventional weapons, the barrel, shells and so on. Stainless steel safe, reliable, public health environmental protection and economic application of thin-walled pipes and new, reliable, simple and convenient connection method successful development, it has more advantages of the other pipe can not be replaced, engineering more and more the use will become increasingly popular, prospects are bright. With the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy, the national economy was the rapid growth of urban housing, public buildings and tourist facilities for the construction of water supply and domestic water supply, put forward new demands. In particular, water quality, there is growing attention, demand is also rising. Galvanized steel pipe because of the commonly used corrosion prone in the country under the influence of relevant policies, will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, plastic pipe, composite pipe and copper pipe became a common pipeline system. However, in many cases, stainless steel pipes are more advantages, especially in wall thickness of only 0.6 ~ 1.2mm thin-walled stainless steel capillary pipe in high-quality drinking water systems, hot water system and to the safety, health top priority of the water supply system, with safe and reliable health and environmental, economical and so on. Engineering practice at home and abroad has been proved to be an integrated water supply system, the best performance, the new, energy-saving and environment-friendly pipe, one is also a highly competitive water supply pipe, is bound to improve water quality, enhance people's living standards to play a non - comparable role. Water lines in the construction, due to galvanized steel pipe is over a hundred years of glorious history, a variety of new plastic pipes and composite pipe rapid development, but also to varying degrees, a variety of pipe there are some less, far can not fully meet the water supply pipe department's needs and the state drinking water and the water quality requirements. Therefore, the experts have predicted: building water supply pipe will eventually return to the metal tube era. According to the application of foreign experience, identified in thin-walled metal tube stainless steel capillary pipe for the pipe, one of the best overall performance.
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