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Energy Monitoring Improves Profits

by:Mayer     2020-09-19
Every good business owner or manager will always be alert for ways to save their company money. One of the highest expenditures a company will be consistently faced with on a monthly basis is their energy bill; and with energy rates rising annually, doing energy monitoring in this area would seem to be a desirable, if unlikely goal. However, there is a proven method of reducing energy consumption and that's through the use of energy management systems. These systems allow businesses to continually monitor their energy consumption and usage, identifying how that energy is used throughout their business and allowing managers to spot areas where adjustments to efficiency can be made. Energy management systems are software based and collect data from an installation on a real-time basis, tracking usage throughout every area of a business. The software will include extraneous factors that may affect the business' energy consumption (such as the weather, time of day or building occupancy) before analyzing the data to identify peak usage times and providing reports with a detailed breakdown of exactly how and where a company's energy costs are being incurred. This kind of feedback is useful for identifying areas within a business which may be consuming excessive amounts of energy and costing the business money in excessive energy bills. Trends and Graphs for a Monitored Location EG Energy Controls energy monitoring system is called ESS and it has been implemented in the grocery sector for over 5 years with incredible results. How Does it Work? The Energy Monitoring System (ESS) is a powerful energy monitoring system that is web based and allows you to compare energy usage by equipment type, store location, fuel type or time of day. The web based energy monitoring software allows remote access to the crucial data for energy savings in different locations. The system is built to monitor up to 17 sub-loads per module within a facility to better detect energy leaks, provide benchmark reports, bill verification, and be alerted when abnormal energy usage occurs Notification & Alerts! The ESS energy monitoring software is built to provide only the information required since facility energy managers and financial officers are focused on core responsibilities. Alerts and notifications can be setup to notify you via email if loads are not running, if a load exceeds kWh usage, if loads are running outside operating hours, or if a failure occurred. Server & SQL Database The ESS has a dedicated server installed at the head-office facility that runs the EG WatchNet web interface. The server can communicate with over 200 locations. Having a system on site ensures security for bank facilities and government institutions as well as corporations. All data is stored on the dedicated server on SQL 2008 database to ensure the fastest data crunching and can be easily interfaced with SAP or other enterprise accounting management system to provide necessary data. The data collected can then be used to create an energy management plan which can be implemented in an effort to reduce energy consumption and overheads. Simple fixes such as switching production runs to off-peak hours or adjusting the temperature of an air-conditioning system, can quickly add-up to significant savings for a business, with some studies reportedly showing a potential saving of between 5 to 15%. Of course, another way of greatly reducing your power bill would be to switch to a renewable energy solution, such as a parabolic dish system. These solar powered systems are the perfect answer to reducing commercial energy costs while offsetting dependency on electricity, natural gas or oil. Parabolic dish solar concentrator systems are perfect for powering air conditioning systems (commercial units can provide as much as 12kW of solar heating per hour at 90 C ) and are a cheap and reliable way of producing consistent hot water for a business. And because of the ease of installation of solar concentrator systems (a single unit will usually take just two days to install) adding extra units to your facility as your business grows is simple. Coupling the benefits of solar generated energy with the oversight and control afforded from the installation of competent energy management systems, means that business owners and managers now have an option to greatly reduce their overheads while utilizing a clean and green means of powering their business.
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