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Effective SMS Marketing Strategies

by:Mayer     2020-09-21
1. Grow Your Mailing Lists: To build your SMS marketing list, offer customers multiple opportunities to opt in throughout your store and website. Ideas for advertising your SMS marketing campaign in-store include printing ads on receipts, sales signs, flyers, packaging, and inserts. In addition, employees at the checkout counters can suggest opt-ins for special discounts. This won't even hold up the line due to the immediacy of SMS marketing campaigns. 2. Offer Inventory Updates: This is one SMS marketing tool that triggers a sense of urgency in your customers. Say several of your customers have a particular T-shirt on their 'wish lists.' A text alerting them of low stock levels might prompt them to make their purchases. In turn, your inventory will keep moving. Develop mobile app scanning software or QR code systems that allow customers to keep tabs on their favorite products. Then, text customers with updates or sale alerts that affect their chosen products. 3. Build in Entertainment Value: Macy's offers a 'Backstage Pass' to customers who scan QR codes on selected articles throughout the store. The QR codes link to videos showing the development process of certain clothing lines by celebrity designers. Developing similar SMS marketing examples have a two-fold advantage: celebrity endorsements and exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Multimedia entertainment is a smart idea because it increases customer experience, while offering exclusive designer labels enhances your competitive edge. 4. Provide Informational Content: Value-added informational content not only builds customer engagement with your brand, but it can also increase their confidence in your product and company. Articles outlining the concepts behind your eco-friendly clothing line or perfume creation process, for example, answer consumer questions before they're even asked. Baby boutiques might offer an SMS marketing service for product recalls or registration and warranty updates. Department stores might send gender-specific how-to articles on tying scarves, finding the right running shoes, measuring for suits, or tying neckties. Use your SMS marketing platform to move beyond simply selling product to selling complete customer experiences.Coupons, deals and sales are always a huge crowd draw, so discount texting is one SMS marketing solution that will never grow stale. 5. Promote Sales Events: Coupons, deals and sales are always a huge crowd draw, so discount texting is one SMS marketing solution that will never grow stale. Before heading to the checkout line, smartphone users are checking online for coupon codes. Be sure to send them frequent text ads with promotional discount codes. Alert them to upcoming sales events, and your customers might even plan trips to your store. 6. Announce Other Special Events:Your brick and mortar department store still has several advantages that no other method can compete with: the physical attributes of your products. Colors, textures, smells and garment fit cannot be replaced by any digital medium. Even online measurements can't compete with the good old fitting room. And the makeup counter will always be the best place to try perfumes and test beauty products.That being said, offer some special in-store workshops such as 'Dressing for Success,' 'Hand-Washing Techniques,' or 'Dressing for Your Body Type.' Fashion shows are another way to showcase product-pairings and outfit-building. Work with your SMS marketing company to design a special event text advertising approach that suits your store. 7. Create Mobile Gift Registry Programs: Develop an app or QR code system for wedding and baby shower gift registries. This same concept can be used for customer 'wish lists' throughout the holidays. Periodically send free SMS marketing updates on the status of those lists. 8. Offer Mobile Price Checks: According to the SMS marketing statistics, 12% of mobile phone owners are conducting online searches to comparison shop. Customers are becoming increasingly savvy at finding the best deals. If you can offer a similar program with your products, you will increase relevancy with this new brand of consumers. Open a Line of Credit: Make it easy for customers to sign up for your loyalty program or charge card via their cell phones. Accompanied by an offer for 'free shipping' or '10% off your entire purchase,' this is one of the easiest ways to market your line of credit. Within the application, you might even offer an opportunity to sign up for text ads. Cross channel marketing presents a prime opportunity to add to your SMS marketing lists.
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