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Does Mayer provide ODM service?
Yes. Guangzhou Mayer Corp., Ltd provides ODM service. We have the capacity to create completely customized stainless steel manifold per our client's request. Our experienced development team walks you through the entire ODM process, from selecting material and creating designs, to defining your final specification. Our company owns and operates state of the art assembly and testing facilities, offering flexible manufacturing capabilities and full customization services. No matter what size or specifications you want, you can get your ideal product by proposing your demands.

Mayer integrates scientific research, manufacturing and service which is the integrated provider of stainless steel grooved fittings. The elbow fitting series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Mayer tee cross has to go through the life cycle assessment regarding its whole service life. The assessment includes its properties of chemical, physical, energy impacts. We Control Pipelines, You Control Health. This advanced product for healthcare practitioners is able to enhance their working conditions and improve their confidence as well. Covered to Connect the World.

We stick to sustainable development. We keep eco-friendly manufacturing, reduce waste through reuse and building quality products that last and thereby promoting sustainability.
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