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Croton Watches: Bold Designs For Discerning Men

by:Mayer     2020-09-24
A watch can say a lot about its wearer. The watch you choose reflects your senses of fashion and quality alike. If you're ready to make a truly bold yet tasteful statement with your next wristwatch, Croton offers a full range of durable fashion forward pieces to suit even the most discerning of watch lovers. Since its establishment in 1878, Croton has built a well respected reputation for producing striking timepieces that push the limits of cutting edge fashion. At the same time, the company is known for reliable watches that stand the test of time. Before you add another fine gem to your watch collection, consider some of these top of the line models by Croton. Croton Men's Swiss Quartz Mother-of-Pearl Tungsten Case Rubber Bracelet Watch For the uninitiated, the Swiss Quartz Mother-of-Pearl Tungsten Case Rubber Bracelet Watch offers a peak at how Croton handles a classic look. This piece is marked by a fully integrated design, beginning with its distinct strap, featuring black rubber center links flanked by polish gold tone tungsten links that lead directly to the matching rectangular case. The back of the case is executed in solid stainless steel to protect its accurate Swiss 763 quartz movement. The flat black dial, protected beneath a layer of scratch resistant SphereUlite crystal, keeps the look on the minimalist side and is decked only with simple gold tone hands and the Croton logo just north of center. This striking piece is great for upscale occasions and business meetings where you need to project an image of discerning taste. Croton Men's Electro Chronomaster Quartz Carbon Fiber Subdial Rubber Strap Watch For nights out with the guys, you might opt for a more daring and eye catching number, like Croton's Electro Chronomaster Quartz Carbon Fiber Subdial Rubber Strap Watch. Every aspect of this exciting piece jumps out, beginning with the unique black rubber bracelet that is embossed with a tread-like pattern, suggesting a sense of speed. The eye's interest then turns to the watch's interesting silver tone bezel which is rendered with a lattice pattern on the inner edge and a bottle cap pattern on the outer edge. It frames a rather futuristic looking dial, which is set beneath a layer of domed mineral crystal and decked with a cut out complication just south of center that reveals a crosshatch design available in your choice of blue or red. The face also houses two sub dials and a retrograde scale, which are each powered by the watch's long lasting Japanese Citizen JS25 Quartz Chronograph movement. The same complication also features an innovative date scale that rotates near the lower right hand edge. A head turner for sure, this watch is a great choice for any discerning watch aficionado. Croton Men's Goliath Chronomaster Stainless Steel & Titanium Watch For men who simply want to make a big statement, it's not a bad idea to opt for a truly big watch, like Croton's Goliath Chronomaster Stainless Steel & Titanium Watch. A truly formidable timepiece, you'll be in awe of the watch's four link wide bracelet which matches the girth of the stainless steel case. The imposing rectangular case protects the piece's Swiss Ronda 5010B Chronomaster movement and contains a scratch resistant layer of sapphire coated mineral crystal. The watch's gray dial has a black ring around the outer edge and is adorned with the Croton logo just north of center and a date window at the 12 o'clock position. Just above 6 o'clock, an art deco style sub dial appears, offering chronometer capability. Croton Men's Quartz Chronomaster Chronograph Lizard Strap Watch If you prefer a more subdued yet luxurious look, the Quartz Chronomaster Chronograph Lizard Strap Watch may be just what you've been looking for. This handsome watch features truly classic styling, beginning with the uniquely textured black lizard strap that contrasts brilliantly with the body of the watch. The piece's polished stainless steel silver tone case is ringed with a conservative shining bezel and protects its Japanese JS00 quartz chronograph movement. The dial, beneath a layer of mineral crystal, is available in white, brown or black, and is decked with several complications that offer superior functionality. The face is ringed with a tachymeter scale, letting you determine speed based on distance traveled, while the center of the dial is adorned with three large sub dials. The sub dials, located at 2, 6 and 10 o'clock, let you keep track of hours, seconds and minutes elapsed respectively. A traditional wristwatch with a few modern updates, this attractive piece will keep you on time and looking great for years to come. Whether you're in the market for your very first watch or you're simply expanding a cherished collection, Croton is sure to offer a handsome piece or two that will meet your discerning standards to a T.
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