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Costlier Wheels Automobile Stocks And Shares

by:Mayer     2020-09-25
The budget in major opinion was a disappointing one; one of the sectors to be badly hit is the automotive industry. The prices of automobiles are set to go up and the performance of these company's stocks at the Indian stock market is reflective of this very fact. Many automobile stocks are trading in the negative region. The heat is ON With rising fuel prices, stock market India seems to be less attractive for petrol car manufacturers like Honda. The expected price hike in the diesel cars was not announced. It comes as a big relief to Indian consumers who were in salvage mode. The stock market indicates these trends accurately. With the ever stable TATA group feeling a need to raise the prices to the tune of 35 thousand to pass on the excise duty which is imposed in excess by the government. Live Stock Market Three of the top 5 losers today are automotive players. Bajaj auto, Tata Motors, Hero Moto corp. is trading in negative. With this volatile stock market condition, short time investments are a clear threat to the stability that the market seeks. In the present scenario when any advice sounds good, experts will always steer away from the automobile stocks and shares. Focus- TATA Motors The stock shares of TATA group fell from a positive mid-day at the market owing to fear of slowdown in Chinese automobile market. China which is a major market for TATA motors acquired jaguar land rover. The doubts in the market triggered a mid-day fall and made this stock, the top loser for the day. At 1 o'clock, shares of the company plummeted by 3% to 274.70INR on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Trader advice Those who seek long term value should consider the present time as a good time to enter stock and shares that are otherwise very costly. The close study of the market, the industry in particular and a lower end cap to pull out of the stock can earn you profits. It is not an entirely reliant strategy when it comes to short time investing. Profits may not be as much compared to other industry stocks. The market is bound to stabilize in the next month after the repercussions of the budget die down. The budget earlier was not welcomed by all. It did not have any major reforms or small quick fixes that were to be done. Maximizing profits in this state of the market is a relative term. Bullish traders may not be well tuned to the concept of live and online market. With live stock market, trader has at his disposal all that one needs to earn some quick money, but the question is, if the market can afford such trading. It might tumble, but our bases are strong to prevent a crumble. When oil prices are at free rise, the government seems to have no control over these prices. The markets as always stops complaining and gets back to business and so should you.
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