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Choosing A Weber Spirit Grill - Which One is Best For You?

by:Mayer     2020-10-02
The Weber spirit grill range was designed with novice grillers and budget conscious consumers in mind. The range consists of three grills, ranging from Weber's entry level offering, the Spirit e210 to the sleek, specification loaded e320, with the high performance e310 sitting comfortably in the middle. Whilst Weber has produced these competitively priced grills to suit those new to grilling, they are anything but elementary. All three models are solid, durable grills, capable of producing a reliable service for years to come. So which Weber spirit grill is the right one for you? Weber Spirit e210 The e210 is the first offering in the Spirit range. Crafted in sleek black steel, this dual burner grill boasts an impressive total cooking area of 458sq inches. With a stainless steel prep area and an enclosed cart for accessory storage, this grill ensures there is space for everything. The grilling area is decked out with porcelain enamelled cooking bars, great for producing restaurant quality sear marks. And, users can rest assured that the grill temperature will be consistent all over due to Weber's rigorous testing procedures carried out in production. The grill is covered by a durable porcelain lid and rests upon heavy duty front and back swivel castors ensuring this grill remains sturdy throughout the years. With a powerful 26,000 BTU input power, this grill is sure to provide quality food to feed either a small family or a large group without any problems whatsoever. Weber Spirit e310 The next model up the rungs is the e310. Introducing an extra burner, the e310 provides a vast 536sq inches of cooking space, including a 112sq inch warming rack. This model also features an easy clean stainless steel preparation area as well as a steel painted enclosed storage area. Food produced on this grill is sure to be delicious, thanks to Weber's trademarked Flavorizer bars which are installed on the grilling rack. These bars skilfully direct flammable cooking juices away from the heat and inject flavorsome smoky plumes back into the food. The durable porcelain enamelled grates and cooking hood ensure this grill will stand the test of time. Weber have also thoughtfully included a handy external inbuilt thermometer that sits nestled in the lid so that you always know the internal temperature of your grill. With similar heavy duty front swivel locking and back swivel castors as the e210, this grill achieves the task of being portable yet sturdy. Weber Spirit e320 The e320 sits at the top of the Spirit range, and is deemed by Weber to be 'affordable luxury'. Weber really has added all the mod cons to this machine whilst keeping the costs down to suit almost all budgets. The three stainless steel burners are all individually controlled by the user, meaning whichever burners you don't need, you simply don't switch on. Combined with the energy efficient valves, these burners are excellent fuel saving additions. The cooking area remains the same as the e310, including the installed Flavorizer bars but this time Weber have introduced a side burner, meaning that additional cooking, besides grilling, can be carried out at the same time. This is perfect for heating up sauces and vegetables to accompany grilled foods. With the same durable porcelain enamelled hood, steel cart and heavy duty castors as the previous models, Weber continue to provide reliability, robustness and sturdiness in this sleek cooking machine. All of the Weber Spirit grill models can be powered by either liquid propane gas tanks or by a link from your natural gas source (natural gas models all supplied with a flexible hose pipe). Whichever Weber Spirit grill you decide is best for you, you can rest assured that it will continue to provide you and your family with delicious tasting food for many, many years to come.
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