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Choose The Electric Power Tool in House Decorations

by:Mayer     2020-10-02
In nowadays, there are more and more people try to decorate their house by themselves to reflect their own taste. Then how to choose the right electric power tool during decoration? Here are our advices. If you often drill on the concrete wall, then an electric hammer of one or two kilogram is your best choice. Because the cylinder structure can makes it easy for you to drill on the concrete wall. Besides, adding with a connection pole and dopp of normal electric drill, the electric hammer can finish all function of electric drill . Do cover with several drill, then most of decoration tasks can finished by yourselves. If you often tighten or loosen bolts (computer enthusiasts also do this), or you are going to punching on board or iron plate, then do purchase an electric bottle opener of charging type. The electric bottle is the most convenient tool on these two areas. Charging type electric bottle opener and with a set of bottle opener headgear can do things conveniently. Electric hand drill is known by everyone. It is suitable to punching on board or iron plate. But don't expect that the electric hand drill will do great action on punching on concrete wall. An electric hand drill is most economic electrical power tool , even if it is imported, you just need to spend only hundreds Yuan. Scroll saw. If your work ability is strong, you can do some furniture or molding by yourselves, the tool you must need is scroll saw. Install with the suitable saw, board, iron plate, plastic board and stainless steel can processed to ideal shape under your hand. You can choose the scroll saw with different type and create the style belongs to yourselves. And now I think you have a brief understand of how to choose electrical power tool with introduction below. And after using these tools, do maintain them to make it more durable. The dust cap of electric hammer should be replaced regularly. During replace carbon brush, you'd better maintain the mechanical part of electric hammer, replace the lubricating oil and main O type circle. The air outlet must keep unimpeded. During using, do not add much power and do separate several ways to drill long hole.
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