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Chemical Industries Essential Products

by:Mayer     2020-10-03
Pickling Tank The pickling tank are extensively used in various industrial applications like powder coating, galvanizing, pickling, steel, electro-plating, re-rolling and chrome plating. Wire Pickling industries. These tanks are fabricated using quality material like PP, HDPE, PVC and PVDF. The joints are welded through extrusion welding that makes tanks leak-proof. The tanks are externally reinforced with MS -FRP coated Pipe cages. These cages are designed considering the liquid loading of static tanks as well dynamic lading caused due to dipping of steels wires, sheets, bars etc. These prevent buckling & cost optimization by avoiding over designing of tanks. The Pickling Tank manufactured by SPIRAL SPECIALIST is long lasting and value addition to company. Polypropylene (PP) Tanks Polypropylene tanks have several advantages over traditional metal tanks such as steel, stainless steel and titanium. These advantages include a seamless construction that provides them with greater impact strength and superior resistance to rust, corrosion, chemicals, and fuel additives. In addition, these virtually indestructible tanks also have a longer lifespan than metal tanks, which are apt to fracture and leak. Polypropylene tanks can easily be molded to fit tank compartments, unlike metal tanks, and are simple to install. Features a) Weld less radius b) 100% Leak Proof c) Corrosion Proof d) Environment-friendly Fume Removal System e) Inspected and tested with Imported High Voltage tester f) Environment-friendly Design g) Corrosion-free h) Thermoplastic i) Built-in Slope for easy sludge removal j) Available with Connections like Drain and Overflow There is good track record for spiral specialist to supply PP tanks to most valued clients in chemical industry with capacity upto 60kl. Spiral HDPE/PP Rectangular Tanks Looking for chemical or potable water storage tanks? These rectangular units are a great choice for safely storing not only fresh water, but also various kinds of pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. When safety of contents inside or outside of the tank is a concern, a plastic tank is a worthwhile option for protecting both you and your items. Since the polyethylene construction of these rectangular plastic tanks makes them light in weight, transportation or mounting of these storage tanks is both quick and easy to achieve. Commonly these tanks have been used to store drinking water, spray fertilizers, or as a pest control unit. Regardless of what application you need for this tank, its high level of durability will equip you with a tank that will last for ages. Most rectangular tanks require additional stiffeners to maintain the integrity of the tank. The experts at spiral specialist manufactured Tank will ensure that your rectangular tank is built to stand up to the job for many years. And unlike plastic tanks, with the strength of steel, you can count on it. Reaction vessel Reaction vessels are at the heart of a chemical plant. They are where the chemical changes and reactions take place. It is available in different size and shapes i.e 1. Cylindrical Reactor 2. Open Top Reactor 3.Conical Bottom Flat Lid Reactor 4. Flat Bottom, Bottom Outlet Reaction Vessel. The capacity of reaction vessels can range Upto 60,000 liter (15.85 Gallon) and they are generally made from Spiral HDPE or PP. Measured amounts of reactants may be pumped into the vessel through pipes attached to inlet valves. Powders or liquids may be poured into reaction vessels using large funnels, called hoppers, connected to the top of the vessel. The experts at Spiral Specialist manufactured Tank are most reliable and long lasting Hence pickling tanks, polypropylene, rectangular tanks and reaction vessel have been studied in detail.
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