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Can the fan inlet gate valve be replaced by a sanitary welded butterfly valve?

by:Mayer     2021-08-15
Can the fan inlet gate valve be replaced by a sanitary welded butterfly valve? ☆ Sanitary welding butterfly valve related information: Butterfly valve can be used on the inlet pipeline of the hood. Due to the weight of the gate valve in the process pipeline, it will have a certain impact on the pipeline when the hood is running. It is recommended to use a butterfly valve, which is light in weight. But the sealing effect is not as good as the gate valve. ☆The gate valve in normal production is fully open, and the butterfly valve is used to control the flue gas volume. The sealing performance of the gate valve is better than that of the butterfly valve. The gate valve is used to cut off the smoke machine. The butterfly valve is used to control the amount of flue gas during normal production to control the regeneration pressure. ☆Look at what the pipeline is. If it is circulating water, there is no problem in replacing each other! ☆On flue gas pipelines, butterfly valves can be used as shut-off valves instead of gate valves. The regulating performance of sanitary welded butterfly valves is far better than gate valves, but the sealing performance is generally lower than that of gate valves. In high-temperature pipelines and pipelines that may contain particulate impurities , Especially so. If the pressure is not high under the conditions mentioned by the landlord, a butterfly valve can be used to replace the gate valve. ☆There are two butterfly valves at the entrance of the hood of our installation, one is used for accident cut-off, the self-protection starts to be closed within 0.7 seconds, and the other is used for normal regulation of power generation. Indeed, as said upstairs, the sealing performance of butterfly valves is not as good as gate valves. The inlet sub-section should be removed when the hood is overhauled. ☆If the fan is used, it is better to gate first and then butterfly. The sealing of butterfly valve is not as good as gate valve. Normally, you can test the pressure drop of the regenerator by turning on the hood and opening the high gate. It can be seen that the high disc is leaking, as long as the sealing effect is good. But generally there are two valves. The front one is used to cut off, and the back one adjusts the flow.
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