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Are Mandrel Bent Tubing Really The Best For Your Muffler

by:Mayer     2020-10-14
Are Mandrel Bent Tubing Really The Best For Your Muffler? The truth of this statement is far more arguable than we would bother to get into. This is why this article focuses on the facts rather than mere preference giving you the need-to-knows of mandrel bent tubing. Read on and decide for yourself. What is a mandrel? Simply said, a mandrel is a tool used to shape machines. In mufflers, it is tubing usually made of steel used as a support when bending exhaust pipes. The main reason for this is to reduce the possibility of deformation as much as possible. The mandrel bends with the pipe stretching on the outside of the bend and compressing on the inside ensuring a constant diameter bend that reduces restrictions. Why does my muffler require least internal deformation? A muffler is designed to reduce the sound produced when the fumes from the engine are expelled at high pressure. This is accomplished through various processes the basic being production of waves that cancel each other out. Don't get scared by the jargon, what you want to drive home is the fact that the whole process is made possible by a precision in the internal measurement of the muffler. Bending the pipe would mean interfering with the measurements hence reducing efficacy. The mandrel therefore takes care of all this ensuring least deformation. The amazing facts about mandrel bent pipes One, mandrels are made of steel and this of course translates to strength and durability. Some good outlets such as MagnaFlow produce them 100% stainless steel to ensure rust free durable exhaust service. Two, by maintaining the internal measurements of the tubes, mandrel bent pipes reduce the back pressure while maintaining the gas velocity giving you significantly more horsepower and torque gains as compared to other designs. Three, it produces that clear sounding deep tone that you desire. Why did you get that muffler anyway, it was for that irritating noise your engine is producing. If you are more sensitive to the noise, you will benefit from the extra acoustic materials that some outlets offer. MagnaFlow for example produce mufflers with a mesh wrap and acoustic fiber fill to give you that smooth tone. Finally, you may be asking that question that creeps up on most readers. What is the cost? Mandrel bent tubing gives you quality, something you cannot say about other designs. You might feel that the cost is a bit higher but thinking of the benefits, I would say that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. I believe you are now well informed to answer that question I asked at the start and to also make an informed decision.
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