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Analyze the quality of the lower sanitary ball valve for random inspection reasons

by:Mayer     2021-08-21
Analyze the reasons for random inspection of the quality of sanitary ball valves. With the development of my country’s infrastructure, large-scale national projects have been put into construction and implementation, resulting in an increasing number of sanitary valves in power, petroleum, chemical, urban water supply, and drainage systems, especially The amount of butterfly valve is very large. my country produces metal hard-seal sanitary ball valves, which can be divided into two categories from the sealing structure, one is the elastic hard-seal structure, and the other is the multi-layer hard-seal butterfly valve. The production caliber of elastic hard sealing butterfly valve is generally below DN500, and the multi-level structure is mostly adopted for large caliber. The sanitary ball valve below DN500 has the largest amount, so users encounter many problems when using it. Here, we will summarize and summarize the common problems, and guide the correct installation and use of users to purchase sanitary ball valves for sampling or all inspections It is very necessary to conduct random inspections on the quality of the products: one is to check the quality of the products, and the other is to reduce unnecessary maintenance and renewal of the sanitary ball valve after installation, and the success rate of one-time installation is high. However, in the testing of the hard-sealed butterfly valve during the random inspection, the user did not pay attention to some places, which caused the quality of the law to be suspected or rejected as unqualified. Where is the reason? There are 4, 6, 8 and 12 screws on the pressure ring according to the diameter, and the maximum bolt diameter does not exceed M10. These screws are mainly used to fix the elastic valve seat and cannot withstand all the medium pressure. The sanitary ball valve is installed in the pipeline to be compressed by the outer flange bolts to withstand all the medium forces. Due to structural reasons, it is common for users to notify the manufacturer on the grounds of disqualification due to the difference in the inspection operation and the leakage during the acceptance. After communication, the product can pass the customs smoothly, and there is no problem in use. Therefore, the matters that should be paid attention to here are for users to better understand and use the elastic hard seal sanitary ball valve for communication.
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