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Analysis of the eleven advantages of sanitary ball valves

by:Mayer     2021-08-16
Analysis of the eleven advantages of sanitary ball valves 1. Both the rubber sealing ring and valve plate of the ball valve adopt imported parts to ensure the performance and service life of the ball valve. 2. The valve body is precision-turned by a high-precision numerical control lathe to ensure the reliable interchangeability of the sanitary ball valve and avoid the trouble of changing the rubber and not guaranteeing its performance. 3. The valve stem is inlaid with nylon bushings, which reduces friction and thus opens flexibly and easily. 4. The steel parts are all made of stainless steel, and the rubber is made of food rubber, which has high sanitary quality. 5. The diameter of the valve body is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe. When opening, the narrow and streamlined valve plate is in the same direction as the fluid, with large flow and low resistance, and no material accumulation. 6. The handle adopts pull type and pull type, which can bear large operating torque and is not easy to be broken. 7. The opening and closing range is 0~90 degrees, and it can be fixed at every 15 degree position. It is adjustable, opens and closes quickly, and is easy to operate. 8. The valve body adopts detachable connection, simple structure and convenient maintenance. 9. The shape is light and beautiful, the surface is bright and not sticky, and there is no burr. 10. After strict strength and sealing tests, the quality is guaranteed. 11. Carry out a sample of no less than 30,000 fatigue life tests to ensure its service life.
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