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Advantages and Types of Chimney Caps & Covers

by:Mayer     2021-08-12
A chimney cap is the cover of smokeshaft enclosure which is placed on the top of its whole so that any material could not get into the shaft. These are designed such a way that allows proper ventilation to the stove or fireplace. Different types of material like galvanized metals, copper, stainless steel, etc. are used to manufacture these chimney caps & covers. These covers also prevent a number of animals, birds or firing intruders to enter into the shaft while providing a safe and secure environment. At most of the times, various birds or small animals like squirrel stuck in the shaft and dies because of suffocation. This causes a very bad odor in the home causing harm to the home environment. Chimney caps also offer a number of other advantages as well. Some of them are explained as under: Types of Chimney caps: Smokeshaftcaps are of different types as well as made up of different material. Some of the types of chimney caps are given as under: Wind Resistant Chimney Caps: This type of cap allows maximum drafting as the hood is kept properly by the wind vane. When the air passes the hood, it creates particle vacuum in the flue which can eliminate problems of back puffing and downdrafts in the flue. Vacuum Caps: This is the most traditional type of cap which is used with wood, gas, oil and coal burning chimneys. The vacuum forces the wind to change its direction. The smokeshaft also prevents downdrafts by increasing updrafts. Universal Caps: Universal caps fit inside the multi-wall chimney and replace the need of an expensive cap. To make its cleaning easier, the cap has one piece hood which is removable. You can easily buy these caps and covers from various stores available online. There are various manufacturers who are providing different types, designs and sizes of caps among which you can buy the most suitable one. You can also check out the prices of different types of caps and buy the one which perfectly suits your budget.
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