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A Detailed Guide on Removing Center Caps of All

by:Mayer     2021-08-13
We have compiled all the necessary instructions showing the basics for those that want to remove center caps from their wheels or rims. Never wonder how to remove center caps again. In general, centercaps are placed in the middle of your vehicle's wheels to cover the hub and detailed parts of the wheel component. Some of these only measure about a few inches in diameter whereas other types may cover a larger area. These caps are the most popular location for automobile manufacturers, and aftermarket suppliers alike, to imprint their brand name or logo. In essence, there are 5 individual types of centercaps, and the removal process for of each one is quite different. Removing Flat Surfaced Center Caps Search for a little notch in between the cap itself and the rim/wheel. This notch is built into the overall design to allow easier removal. If it has a bolt then you will need to remove it with an Allen key or, if it does not come with a key, a regular screwdriver. Slot in the flathead of the screwdriver into the notch and carefully pop out the cap. Removing Standard Flush Center Caps Jack up the side of the car in the location of the rim/wheel you would like to remove. Make sure to put jack stands underneath to prevent any accidents. Take off the rim/wheel and tire and lay it on the ground vertically. Put the handle end of a screwdriver into the rear side of the rim/wheel and softly tap against the cap until it completely pops out. Removing Bolt-On Center Caps Raise up your car and remove the entire rim and tire. Place the wheel on the ground vertically and have the backside facing you. Insert the head of the screwdriver into one of the 3 mounting bolts and turn them counter-clockwise until all of them are removed. After you have done this you can then push the cap through the width of the wheel from the front to all the way out the back. Removing Spoke Style Center Caps Find the mounting bolt holes at the base of the cap which should be where it meets the rim/wheel. Many of these types of wheels used a bolt at the base which acts as a locking device. You should be able to see a protruding lip on the rim/wheel, where the cap slides over and is locked to for extra security. Put in an Allen key at the base into the mounting hole turn it counter clockwise to take it out. You can now easily pull it off with just your hands. Removing Push-Thru Center Caps Lift the car up in the air with a jack and remove the entire rim/wheel. If it has been awhile since you've changed the caps then you will probably need to spray on some lubricant onto the rear side of the cap in the back of the rim/wheel. After that you should be able to easily put the cap from the front all the way out the back with your fingers. If it is really stuck don't force it, just use a screwdriver to pry it free from the back side of the rim/wheel. Removing center caps is not that hard as long as you know exactly what type or kind you are dealing with. Once you are able to successfully remove center caps from each of your rims/wheels you will then be able to replace them as you see fit. Learning how to remove center caps properly will prevent you from breaking or damaging them in the process.
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